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Active trading and investing
in global capital markets

Within the Global Markets division, K&L Rock appreciates both client money and its own investment funds based on price movements of the underlying assets.

In addition to investing in equities, where we focus exclusively on the world's most advanced capital markets in the US and Western Europe, we also actively trade currency pairs and commodities ranging from energy to grains.

We construct the mix of segments and sub-segments with a view to the long-term stability of the division and the low level of correlation between asset types in the portfolio. Thanks to the experience of our team of analysts and portfolio managers, who are among the top specialists in finding investment opportunities, and by incorporating elements of automated trading, we target double-digit annual returns in the Global Markets division over the long term.

Portfolio allocation

Active trading
Automated trading


Equity investments account for approximately 50% of the assets in the Global Markets portfolio.
K&L Rock's strategy is based on using free cash to buy on stock exchanges during price falls or to buy shares of companies not yet represented in the portfolio. K&L Rock does not participate in shorting stocks, while avoiding manic buying when stocks are too expensive. It adopts a conservative approach, which consists of a low number of purchases and concentrating the portfolio in 1-15 titles at a time.

Active trading

Unlike equity investments, this part of the Global Markets division, which accounts for around 30% of its assets, is dynamic, vibrant and constantly changing. Changes in portfolio composition occur virtually every day. Active Trading aims to complement long-term equity investments and be the most profitable part of the division. The assets in which K&L Rock invests in active trading are diverse, but the most common ones include the VIX volatility index, emission allowances, energy commodities such as US oil or natural gas, cocoa, coffee, wheat, and soybeans.

Automated trading

It accounts for approximately 20% of the Global Markets division's assets. It has a lot in common with the active trading section, but investment decision-making and trading is done without human intervention. Automated trading systems work by searching for entry/exit points or other strategic values based on predetermined conditions and using various indicators, and then executing trade orders as required. The advantage of automated trading, for example, is the ability to monitor the market 24 hours a day and take advantage of opportunities to value money whenever they arise.

Investment tools for end users

Investment funds

K&L Rock Group offers its end clients from among qualified investors the appreciation of funds in two investment funds.

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At the interface between Global Markets and Real Estate is our bond programme. On the one hand, it is used to finance K&L Rock's residential development projects, but on the other hand it is also available to clients as one of the possible tools for appreciation of money in their diversified investment portfolios.

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Division Director

Erik Kmet‘

Managing Director

As one of the founders of the company, he is involved in the overall running of the group. As Portfolio Manager, he manages the Wealth Management division, specialising in asset management and asset appreciation in the equity markets. The activities of this division are strategically involved in the development of the entire K&L Rock investment group.
Thanks to its many years of experience and vast knowledge of the US stock market, it has achieved excellent results over the long term. His love of sports has taught him not to give up without a fight.