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Theater association Ty-já-tr

Theatre Choir

Ty-já-tr is more than just theatre. It is a group of artists who use theatre to educate and develop disadvantaged groups.

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Theater association Ty-já-tr

About cooperation

Ty-já-tr is more than just theatre. It is a group of artists who educate and develop disadvantaged populations through theatre. For example, they perform in children's homes or prisons, where their performances help to integrate convicts. Theatre Ty-já-tr's continuous work with children, adults and seniors throughout the year includes an interactive theatre project on financial literacy called "Money doesn't grow on trees". Its aim is to successfully and entertainingly teach the audience the value of money and how to manage it well from an early age. "What we like about the theatre company Ty-já-tr and its founder Radka Tesárková is that she has been contributing in a non-violent cultural way for a long time to help vulnerable groups of people to overcome falling into the debt trap and to know the value of money. Since we as K&L Rock are in the world of investments, we know well how important it is to develop financial literacy," says Jan Lobo, co-founder of the investment group K&L Rock, describing the reasons that lead K&L Rock to support the long-term financial support of the Ty-já-tr.