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Residential development
throughout the Czech Republic

We focus primarily on regional projects outside of Prague, which allow us to best fulfill our vision of dignified and quality housing with satisfied customers.

While the reality of property development in Prague is often about maximizing profit and maximizing the turnover of sold square meters, which is negatively reflected in the quality of houses and apartments, K&L Rock sees more sense in strengthening the supply of quality housing outside the big cities.
The Czech Republic has a number of attractive locations where people deserve better and newer housing without having to move from the places where they were born and raised.

Regional development also has the advantage of faster permitting and approvals for new construction, making it easier to plan projects both budget-wise and technically. Because local authorities are not so overwhelmed, new housing can usually be permitted, built and handed over to people outside of Prague in as little as 2-3 years. In the capital, this is at least twice the time.

Our projects

Basic supporting parameters all existing and future development projects of the K&L Rock Group are mainly:

  • meeting construction deadlines and prices for end customers
  • high standard of living regardless of property type
  • regional focus and construction outside Prague
  • respect for the surroundings of buildings and nature, emphasis on the urban development of the entire locality
  • the lowest possible energy performance of buildings
  • quality instead of quantity

Our ambitions

K&L Rock's long-term ambition in the field of Real Estate is also to combine functional and practical living with modern design. We are able to achieve this by using our experience and knowledge of the real estate market, which makes it easier for us to find suitable opportunities, while at the same time cooperating with the best architects and other experts in the field. We would be glad if you could take a closer look at individual projects from the Real Estate Division.








completed projects

Division Director

Mgr. Artem Efremov

Project Development Director

He is responsible for the management of all current and upcoming projects. In cooperation with management, he selects suitable sites and handles their acquisition. Originally a law graduate from university, he is now in his seventh year of complex management of development projects. Currently, he has already successfully completed 12 projects. He has a great managerial mindset and an excellent ability to quickly assess the potential of a given site with all the pros and cons.  He applies his sense of architecture and art very well in his professional life.