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About us

Transforming dreams and visions
to real values

We are an investment group active in many sectors - especially in property development, stock markets, but also, for example, in private equity.


The founders of the company are Jan Lobo and Erik Kmet‘. The founding of K&L Rock was preceded by many years of their experience in managing and servicing investors' financial assets. Based on this experience, they decided to establish their own alternative investment fund K&L Rock. Thanks to a well-defined strategy and successful investment activities, the company has grown into K&L Rock Group, which is now the official name of the investment group.

Erik Kmet‘

Managing Director

+420 737 456 198 kmet@klrock.com

Jan Lobo

Managing Director

+420 737 468 897 lobo@klrock.com

We believe in growth and success through an innovative approach to work and our group values.
Our core values are responsibility, discipline and transparency.
The successes and growth of our group prove that we are on the right track.

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We try to give space and opportunity to everyone who is not afraid, goes their own way and inspires their surroundings. We are aware that we also had to be given the chance to create this company.